Our Innovations

AXA Assistance believes that ongoing innovation is the essential to protecting its customers' health, looking after their property, and simplifying as well as enhancing their everyday life. Innovation is central to our business, as we want cutting-edge technologies to make a key difference to our customer services. This ambition determines much of our everyday activity. It underscores our commitment to research and development. It forms our driving vision.
The digital revolution has opened new horizons. Its growing omnipresence has driven a thorough change in consumption habits. In the assistance sector, this digital transformation has created an ideal opportunity to enhance service delivery. AXA Assistance is exploring new ways of leveraging this opportunity.

NAO, a robotic homecare companion

A humanoid robot carer

Longer life expectancies are generating an increasing need for lifecare services.

What services would best enable dependent persons to remain in their own homes? How can we optimise support for carers? AXA Assistance has acquired a humanoid robot, and is currently working on developing services that can be delivered using this tool.

Cutting-edge technologies enable us to create innovative yet affordable solutions that help dependent persons remain in their own home. At AXA Assistance, we firmly believe that robots can enhance and extend carer intervention.

Using technology to enhance human care

The NAO robot cannot replace human carers; the aim is to provide a complementary range of services.

Remote medical consultation

Safeguarding our customers' health, 24/7

AXA Assistance has developed a medical teleconsultation offering that helps our customers protect their health at all times, wherever they may be: at home, at work, on holiday… This offering enables customers to contact an AXA Assistance doctors and nurses team at any time, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. 

How does it work?

Customers discuss their symptoms with a doctor, who then establishes a diagnosis and reports back to the patient’s usual attending doctor. If emergency treatment is required, the AXA Assistance doctor will orient the customer to an appropriate medical care provider. 

Medical consultation, wherever, whenever

Medical teleconsultation cannot replace the services of treating physicians or emergency services, nor can they be used for specialist services or clinical examinations; AXA Assistance's GPs cannot renew prescriptions or deliver medical certificates for sick leave or other needs.However, if the patient’s condition requires treatment, they can send a prescription to the pharmacist specified by the policyholder.

This service gives customers a rapid access to a doctor whenever they are unable to contact their treating physician – if they are away from home or isolated, for example. The medical teleconsultation offering is already available in France and in USA.